Studio Reno

Based out of Auckland and Wellington, we have countless projects both locally and cross country. The pandemic surged our digital clientele base, which has led us to streamline our systems and refine our processes, ultimately strengthening our ability to navigate our clients each step of the way. 

  • Dream it.

    With no shortage of design experience, our team can dream up and design your perfect renovation. Using 3D software and renders, everything is digitally built to scale to give you a clear idea of your finalised project outcome, before moving onto the building phase.

  • Build it.

    Learning the tradie lingo and building process can be difficult for a first-time renovator, which is why we have a team of tradies and contractors who are experts in their field. We like to use individuals instead of big corporations who we can chat one-on-one with, ask all of the questions and ensure the best outcome for our clients.

  • Managed.

    For renovations to run smoothly, on time and within budget they require planning and expert project management skills. We provide timelines and budgets upfront and ensure you only have one point of contact throughout the process to keep things streamlined and simple.

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