Preset FAQ

FAQ about Presets By Stacy

What is a Lightroom Preset?

Lightroom is a professional photography editing suite and is part of the Adobe range. Presets are one-click filters, used to create a cohesive and consistent editing style. 

What's the difference between a filter and a preset?

Think about it like skincare vs makeup. A filter is like makeup where you are adding layers on top of your photo, whereas a preset is like skincare and brings out all the colours and tones already in the image without dulling or covering your original photo.

How do I know which pack to buy?

Please feel free to DM our team on Instagram or email and we will happily help you choose a pack before you buy.

What programs do I need to use these Preset Packs?

These Presets are designed to work in Lightroom Classic, and on the free Lightroom mobile app. Both are desktop and mobile compatible.

How do I install these Presets?

In your zip download file you will receive a How To Install step-by-step guide, but there's also one here - just incase you lose it :)

Will these presets work for mobile phone photos?

YES! These Presets will work with mobile imagery, JPEG's and DSLR imagery. When purchasing Preset Packs, please keep in mind if you're after a consistent look I recommend sticking to one of the bigger packs like the Neutral or Soft Linen pack, if you're wanting a variety of aesthetics then totally branch out and try them all.

These presets have been tested on a variety of different skin tones, backgrounds and brightnesses - but because every image you take will be different, you may need to do some slight tweaking to achieve a particular aesthetic.

I would absolutely LOVE to hear your feedback on my Preset Packs, see your creations and re-post them! Please tag @presetsbystacy or #presetsbystacy so I can see them! I can't wait! xx



Refunds are not an option as all products are instant digital downloads. These downloads cannot be returned. If you have any enquiries regarding your purchase please email