Nine of Bali's most hidden treasures

Nine of Bali's most hidden treasures



A holiday that doesn’t break the bank… Is there such a thing? Why yes, yes there is.

Attention all babes and boys on a budget - Bali has your name written all over it. We've uncovered the top nine places that will get you off the beaten track and away from the overpopulated cities, heaving nightclubs and tourist-loaded beaches, to venture the road less traveled. 

1. If you’re an animal lover, the Mara Safari Lodge is for you. Stay amongst a safari of animals in a beautiful hotel and wake up to the sounds of a lion's roar in the mornings. 


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2. Check out one of Indonesia’s best water parks: Waterbom. From lazy rivers through to next level water slides, this theme park accommodates the young, the old and everything in between. Short attention span? Too much lunch? You can always take a timeout in the parks fish spa therapy, beauty salon or indulge in a reflexology session.

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3. Love sea life and snorkeling, but too scared to dive? The Balinese have a solution: a Seawalker. Wearing a Seawalker helmet, you can walk on the ocean floor and enjoy the view without worrying about whether your oxygen tank will give out on you.

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4. For those Indiana Jones wannabes, Bali’s rich culture means the land is plentiful with abandoned temples. Not only are can you uncover haunted temples, they also have an abandoned plane. Make sure you check out Taman Festival Amusement Park, which was never finished and has literally crumbled throughout the years. There’s said to be crocodiles who still roam the park - once kept in the infamous Crocodile Pit. Legend has it they resorted to cannibalism after being deserted, so if you do decide ‘What the heck?!’ and visit, take care to avoid the crocodile pit and black water pools – better safe than sorry!


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5. If you’re going to Bali to find romance (or be romanced), take your significant other to an amazing, cave dining experience at Samabe Bali Suites & Villas. It doesn’t get much more romantic than a private beach, secluded ‘cave’, an ocean view – and did we mention you have dedicated wait staff? Listen to the waves breaking on the shore while enjoying a five-course fine-dining menu. Bliss!


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6. Ulu Segara is one of Bali’s most prestigious luxury villa and suite providers. Commonly sought out for its privacy, staff service and reputation, it’s the perfect setting to make your friends and family eternally jealous with some epic Instagram snaps. 


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7. Karma Beach is one of the most exclusive places you’ll find (or not find) and can only be accessed by an elevator down the side of a cliff. Hidden paradise is just where you want to be on an evening walk with your significant other – and on Monday's they have a free movie night.


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8. Armed with nothing but a crowbar, Balinese local Byasa created an architectural wonder that took 15 years in the making: Gala-Gala House. This underground house is completely livable fit with bedrooms, a kitchen and lounge. Would you risk being buried alive?

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9. Mount Agung, the most famous mountain in Bali, is definitely worth the climb.  The 3,000m high mountain has incomparable 360 degree views and is a once in a lifetime experience. Mount Agung is also a volcano, the 5th tallest in the world. It hasn't erupted since 1964 but is still deemed as active.



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