The Pantone colour of 2018

The Pantone colour of 2018



Ultraviolet has been named ‘The Colour of the Year’. Elected by the experts at Pantone Colour Institute, Pantone explained that ultraviolet, “...communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.”


The brightly coloured blue-based purple has been warmly welcomed by fashion labels, graphic designs, interior decorators and the like, all of whom are grateful a bold, bright colour has taken centre stage amongst a world of pastel and nudes. Luckily, the Pantone team realised most people may have a hard time putting complimentary colours with such a bright, statement shade, so they’ve supplied 8 colour palettes that all include the 2018 colour of the year.



They also have resources for designers (which I personally LOVE using) in their tools for designers, which supplies colour codes, inspiration, ideas and much more!

If you aren’t sure on the ultra violet colour as a whole, but want to be the visionary pointing us toward future-thinking, here are some more, shall we say ‘subtle’ ways to incorporate ultra violet into your life:



Both David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix wore the shade in the height of their careers, as did icon Prince and his Purple Rain album, Pantone also noted ultra violet has “…long been symbolic of counterculture, unconventionality, and artistic brilliance.”




Perhaps a full-on ultra violet ensemble is a bit much, but accessorising with ‘power pieces’ is never too much, try this sequinned Zara Metallic Mesh Mini Cross Body bag with clasp for size. It’s classic, fun and also super practical - you don’t need everything but the kitchen sink in your purse! Don’t forget - minimisation is a key trend in 2018.



If you’re a classic kiwi, half of your wardrobe is black; male, female, everything in between - it’s likely black. Why not grab a statement shoe that doubles as athleisure attire, or Sunday brunch appropriate? These ultra violet Adidas Superstars are sure to catch someone’s eye - especially with a monochromatic outfit.




If you’re more daring and are prepared to REALLY get those creative juices flowing, why not go the whole settee? This Mavericks Settee is made in New Zealand by Kovacs Design Furniture. This settee is plush, elegant and doesn’t compromise comfort for style. In most modern homes, a statement chair, settee or coffee table can change the entire ambience of a room, making it either more modern, stylish, homey or just simply more interesting.



If you like the idea of bringing ultra violet into your home, but aren’t 100% committed to the idea, why not have a large Amethyst as a coffee table piece? Bringing good energy into your home, as well as a rare connection to the earth and world around us, this special stone can make your space feel balanced and stress free.



One of the easiest ways to bring colour into your home, is with decor. And what’s the best kind of decor? Candles, duh! Not only are they functional, beautiful and smell like god's gift, but everyone loves candles. The best part about Yankee Candles, is that when they’re a bit tired you can throw the lid on and no-one sees the half-burnt wick! Wick-ed.




Aside from their recyclable and easy-to-use pods, Nespresso have released Pixie Arpeggio Cups (coffee cups) in ultra violet. If you’re not too sure about a whole home reno, maybe take a baby step with these cuties and get those creative vibes flowing bright and early.



If you don’t have a Nespresso, why not begin a collection of the Pantone mugs? Nothing is more satisfying than having a matching set - yet a different design everyday to match your mood and keep you inspired.




Butter London cosmetics have gone out of their way to create a specific ultraviolet Face and Nail Kit 2018. Consisting of the essentials; eye liner, eye gloss, lip gloss and nail polish - all in ultra violet of course!






“Ling-ling - you forgot your bling-bling!” - one of the classics, am I right? Don’t be ling-ling and get caught unawares, check out Meadowlark’s amethyst Snake Bite Ring to get you into the ultra violet vibe, starting at just $295.00.




Maybe you’re more practical? In New Zealand’s ozone layer, nothing’s more practical than sunblock (although we doubt you’d wear even the cutest purple zinc) and sunglasses! How hipster are these Ray Ban round mirrored lenses from Sunglass Hut? 10/10 would wear!




Last, but not least, is Christmas. (Already) - I know! But hear me out, maybe you’re not a fan of purple, or just bright colours? Christmas is the time for ultimate creativity - and no-one can say anything if it doesn’t turn out perfectly - because it’s Christmas! Win-win. Maybe it’s the year you plan in advance; spray a tree with fake snow, adorn it with ultra violet decorations and ribbons, and celebrate that now you are “the visionary pointing us toward future-thinking.”



All in all, Pantone realised what the world’s aspirations are; the boundaries need to be pushed. Everyone can relate to this one in some way or another, we all have one thing we are striving for this year; be it a relationship, financial goal, fitness goal, mental health goal, or just goals for the ‘gram! Ultra violet, the visionary colour that it is, will certainly boost anyone’s creativity, ingenuity and overall visionary thinking that was lacking in 2017.


Chat soon,


S x