66% of kiwis are saving smarter than you!

66% of kiwis are saving smarter than you!

Knowledge is Power

Recently, Adam and I have been thinking a LOT more about how we can save our pennies to purchase an island to retire on. I think everyone can agree that as millennials, we tend to put work and success above all else. The pressures that are thrown at us in our twenties are huge, but changing small things, like power providers, can make all the difference. It isn’t easy to achieve success quickly (or perfectly), but it is easy to make small changes that lead to big improvements. And those small changes over time can make a powerful positive difference to our world.

For example, where do you get your power from? The most popular gas and electricity providers don’t have the best customer feedback. In 2018, a Consumer NZ survey showed 66% of Powershop users were very happy with their provider, compared to the industry standard of the big five competitors sitting down the totem pole at just 51%. 

“Our customers actually do say they love us - we hear it all the time. Just check out some of our five-star reviews on Facebook” states Mark Soper, Powershop General Manager. Consumer NZ scored Powershop “above average value for money” which makes them one of just three providers to be so highly rated by the independent consumer-focused organisation. 

Powershop NZ

Using power for good

Powershop is one of few providers I’ve personally seen come to the party when it comes to giving back to the community they serve. They offer ‘Powerpacks’ which not only save you money, but often include further contributions that go directly back into the community. For example, the Airspeed Green pack gives $9.41 of power for $10 and offsets carbon emissions associated with power usage, so $0.59 goes towards Airspeed Energy. 

Powershop has supported The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand - which as you guys know, I’m a huge supporter of, as I believe mental health should be at the forefront of discussions in 2019. Powershop highlights The Rainbow Youth Foundation, and the need to tackle any violence and discrimination toward LGBTQI, which is still a daily occurrence in NZ.

These #powerforgood power packs increase our awareness and exposure to difference-making charities such as Sustainable Coastlines. This Powershop supported charity focuses on preserving and protecting our coastlines and waterways by coordinating large-scale clean-up events, educational programs, and planting projects. Small changes that lead to big improvements.

Powerful insights

I think we can all agree there’s nothing worse than being faced at the end of the month, usually the day before pay-day, with a looming power bill that’s skyrocketed compared to the month prior - and even worse, you have no idea why, what, or who has caused the increase. Powershop has ended the need for ongoing flat feuds and debacles over splitting the bill: the “your electric blanket was on ALL night” saga, or it’s “the fact that you leave your lights on all day” argument. In our household, it’s usually me changing the heat pump settings sporadically from 18-degree air-con for Baby B who loves it cold, to 30-degree full blast heat at night for moi. By downloading Powershops App, you can track your power usage right down to the half-hour and identify the power spike causes.

Power to the people

If you’re interested in saving like Adam and I, either for a first home, trip abroad, or special something, regularly buying Powerpacks with Powershop is the way to go. There’s a huge variety of options, so you can buy as much or as little power as you’d like in one hit. As we know, first impressions matter, and in my experience Powershop is ticking all the right boxes. You can check out more details about Powershop here.  

P.S. I’m really excited about this next chapter we are all on together, at the end of the day this blog is all about helping each other out in all areas of life. I’m going to be doing my best to connect with you my favourite readers, opening the door for more open and honest conversations about what I’m doing, what Adam and I are doing, and answering a whole lot of questions!

Chat soon,

S x

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