Is Natural skincare worth the hype?

Is Natural skincare worth the hype?

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We’ve all heard it before, you are what you eat. But what if you could eat your skincare?

I’ve always been a firm believer that there are two skincare products you cannot go without; cleanser and moisturiser. If I was stranded in a dessert and only allowed two skincare products, these would be them (SPF aside).
Let’s break it down as to why. Your skin has a natural barrier created from your body’s own oil production, combined with sweat to create the ‘acid mantle’, which is basically designed to keep the bad things out and the good stuff in. The majority of cleansers will strip your skin of this layer (the acid mantle), causing it to react and overproduce oil - leading to breakouts and also allowing environmental pollutants to wreak havoc.

Cleansers that are oil-based like Okana’s Mango and Sorbet cleanser don’t strip your skin, instead of absorbing the dirt, grime and build-up from the day and supplying your skin with the essential fatty acids it needs. It’s a great product to break-down waterbased or waxy products - like foundation and mascara, to then quickly wipe the remnants away. If you’ve never used an oil-based cleanser but feel your skin is dry or commonly ‘feeling tight’ it may be time to switch brands and relieve your skin of inflammation. Don’t be worried if your skin looks worse the first week or so - this is the ‘purge’ stage where for once, your skin is cleaned and hydrated regularly enough that it can expel any build-up under the surface layer.

Okana Skincare
It’s a personal preference however, 50/50 people don’t love the feeling oil-based cleansers can leave on your skin, which is why Okana suggests following their Mango and Sorbet cleanser with the Apple Mousse Foaming Cleanser to further remove any remaining product from your skin. This has been specifically formulated to preserve your skins natural oils and rebalance the PH levels in your skin. When your PH levels are skewed, you can experience the extremes of dry to very oil and breakout-prone skin.

All of Okanas products are vegan, cruelty-free, alcohol-free (this is a BIG one) and are fragrance-free (usually alcohol derivatives). Okana is also very special because it’s one of very few brands that try to put fewer ingredients into their products - not more. Filler ingredients can do masses of damage to your skin, to the point where it’s a vicious cycle of becoming dehydrated and needing to use more to hydrate your skin - when in fact it’s the culprit. Most of Okana’s products have no more than 7 ingredients - all derived from plants that you will undoubtedly know the names of, hence their reputation for ‘skincare you could almost eat’.

When it comes to keeping your skin hydrated, there’s two essential products you need to know about. The first is a toner, whose primary purpose is to prepare your skin to absorb moisturiser as well as control your skins PH levels. Okana’s toner is vitamin-rich, created with; Water, Lettuce, Cucumber, Apple, Corn, Fennel and Plant-based glycerin. Toners can also prep and protect your skin before applying any makeup or SPF products by creating an additional moisture barrier.

Last and certainly not least, moisturiser. Okana’s aptly named ‘Vegetable garden’ day moisturiser is just that, made from Apricot Kernel oil, olive oil, carrot and tomato juice, you won’t find any nasties here. Oil in the moisturiser, you say? Won’t I get greasy skin? No, here’s why.

If you were to fill two drinking glasses of water, and pour oil on top of the second, the first would deplete and lose significantly more water over time. This is no different to your skin overall, without a healthy lipid/sebum layer (oily layer) on your skin, you can face dehydration much faster. This can occur not just on your face, but your entire body can become depleted, our skin is our biggest organ and therefore needs a lot of care. Try to apply your moisturiser within a few seconds of using a toner, this will lock in as much moisture as possible and help build or rebuild your skins defence mechanisms.

If you’re wanting to switch to Okana, natural skincare and are coming off other products I’d trial your new skincare range for 6-8 weeks at a minimum. Your skin goes through cycles, and it takes a while for your body to turn over new skin cells.

To conclude, I'm very much a strong believer in natural skincare, with the exception being if you suffer from dermatitis or an underlying skin condition, in which case the best advice will come from your dermatologist or doctor.

Happy glowing!

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